Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Funday!

Weekends in our house begin on Monday and last until Wednesday, due to Chris' work schedule.  It's not always fun, because we usually miss all of the family get togethers on the real weekend, but its also not so bad when we want to get out and do something.  It's usually not busy and we can get in and get out of where ever we go.  That part is nice.

Today we had errands to run and did a little shopping once we finished.  

(can you spot the sheriff???) 
Chris has been itching to paint our kitchen so we went to Lowe's to look at paint.  I am very undecided on what color to paint our kitchen.  We have cherry wood cabinets and I don't want to pick a color that will make our kitchen darker, but our kitchen is also joined with our living room and I don't want the two paint colors to clash with one another either.  Needless to say, my husband is getting a little annoyed because I won't pick a color.

I tried to find Lincoln some new dress shoes for church, but wasn't successful, so after I left the shoe store I went into a bookstore next door so I could feed Harrison and Kenadie was bouncing from wall to wall and had just said that "this was the best day ever" right before this picture.  

She contains herself very well, wouldn't you say? :)

Once we got home and everyone settled, I had some snuggle time with Mr. Harrison.  He usually smiles and makes the sweetest little "laughing" noise when I talk to him.  I was asking him "Where's Harrison" and he let me know where he was.  It was so precious!
I can't believe this little booger will officially be two months old on Friday!

We have more snow in our forecast this week.  I hope it doesn't snow us in like it did on Friday


  1. Ohhh I like the blog design!
    I love when Todd has weekdays off. I actually prefer that over weekends OR Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off. It's so nice running errands with no crowds.

  2. Thank you! I wanted a change and thought this would be something nice to look at for a change... ha!


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