Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Snow day

We are getting some significant snowfall here in East TN.  The school has already used up all of their snow days (which was only 11).  I haven't heard how they will even begin to make up the days that they have gone over.  Lincoln is only in Preschool, but his days count just like they would if he was in Kindergarten.

Yesterday around 4PM it started snowing.   And this is what we woke up too, today!  That's a good 7-8 inches.

Lincoln's Pre-K class worked last week and part of this week on their valentine boxes for their party this Friday, but with the snow, they won't get to go to school.  I am bummed for him. I was looking forward to him coming home telling me all about his first Valentine's Party at school.  Maybe they will get to make it up next week.

Lucy, is NOT a fan... poor baby!

As for now, I am staying warm indoors sipping on my coffee while I watch movies with the kids.

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  1. Wow y'all have a ton of snow, hope it thaws quickly.8420


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