Monday, August 4, 2014

Lincoln's first day of Kindergarten!

Today was Lincoln's first day of Kindergarten!

Last night I snuggled in bed with him and read "Look out Kindergarten, Here I come!"  Such a cute book and precious time spent with my Lincoln.  After reading to him, I was talking to him about going to school and everything he would be doing, he admitted he was a little nervous about going, but he knew he would be OK.  I knew he would be OK too.

This morning he was SO excited!

I loved making his "Back To School" sign, which was super easy and super cute. 

My aunt made his shirt.  She has a machine that prints off images and words and she irons them on shirts. The shirt says, "Preschool is SO last year.  Kindergarten Rocks!"  It turned out so cute!  Lincoln's principal seen his shirt as she greeted us this morning and she absolutely LOVED it!  

Lincoln was so excited to get to see his friends from Preschool.

While the kids played, the parents visited with three different people over policies and procedures of the school.   We were at the school from 8 - 11:30.  

After the parents got information about the school, we all headed back to one of the classrooms where one of the Kindergarten teachers read to the students.  It then led to the kids going on an clue hunt in search of a Gingerbread man that they had just read about.  Super cute!!

Once all of the clues were found, we all headed back to the classroom where the kids made a gingerbread person.

Lincoln had a blast and did not want to leave when it was over.   Needless to say, he isn't nervous anymore.  Actually, he's quite upset he doesn't go back tomorrow.  The first two weeks he will only go a total of 5 days, because they stagger them in so they get the children use to everything and they are not so overwhelmed.  

We go this Wednesday for his Kindergarten screening and to drop off his supplies, then he won't go back until next week.  He had so much fun!  I am so excited to see what this school year brings.


  1. Great pictures! Love the board and the shirt. Hope he has a great year.

    1. Thanks Kim! I honestly think I was more excited than he was. I love all of the new things he learns and creates and I love to watch him learn!! I once feared him going to public school, but I have to say after seeing the principal and how the teachers were with them, I have total peace about it. See me again when it's time for middle school though. ha!


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